Using FileZilla to Download Marist Output


Allocate an Output PDS Type Dataset

1. If you dont have a PDS type dataset allocated for your output, you will need to do so, you only need to allocate it one time.


1. To reach the Dataset Utility screen, enter option =3.2 from the ISPF Primary Option Menu

2. Under the ISPF Library section, fill in the following:

i. Project your KC-ID

ii.Group – “CSCI360

iii.                Type – “OUTPUT

3. Select option A to allocate a new data set and press [Enter]

(this is the Dataset utility screen (=3.2))








4. Allocate your dataset with the following properties and press [Enter]

i. Space Units                       TRKS

ii.Primary Quantity             10

iii.                Secondary Quantity         10

iv.                Directory Blocks              10

v. Record Format                 VB

vi.                Record Length                 134

vii.               Block Size                       4000

viii.             Data Set Name Type        PDS


(The setup of allocation parameters (after pressing enter from the previous view))



5. You should now have a dataset KC03nnn.CSCI360.OUTPUT




Getting a job from the held output queue

1. Once youve run a job, navigate to your heldoutput job queue with the =SD.H command.


2. Use the XDC command (see below) next to the output job that you want to save  to save

 and hit enterto get to the screen on next page.




3.  On the SDSF output screen below, you will need to fill out the following fields, and press [Enter]

a. Data set name         KC03nnn.CSCI360.OUTPUT

i. Be sure to include the tick marks, and replace KC03nnn with your own KC-ID

b.  Member to use name of the output file to save to,example here is  A0OUT

c.  Disposition              OLD



(The view once you press enter and begin the XDC command)


4. You should now have your output file saved in your output dataset. You can verify this by going to the 2nd option from the ISPF Primary Option Menu and enter the following information under the ISPF Library section:

a. Project          KC-ID

b. Group            CSCI360

c. Type             OUTPUT

d. Member         Name of output file that you saved in step 3- (A0OUT)


Using FileZilla to Download the Output File

1. Download FileZilla at the following location & install:

2. Open FileZilla and enter the following fields in the Quickconnect toolbar at the top

a. Host              

b. Username               KC-ID

c. Password                KC-ID password

d. Port                         21

3. Press the Quickconnect button

(Connecting to marist with filezilla)


4. Under the Remote Sitewindow on the right side, you should see your KC-ID with a plus box next to it. Click on your KC-ID and you should see a list of your datasets (with folder icons to the left) in the window below.



(A partial directory listing in filezilla)



5. Navigate to your OUTPUT pds / dataset in the bottom pane and double click it to open your dataset. You should see your output files.

6. You can either drag and drop your output file to a local site, or you can right click the file and click Download (it will download the file to the Local Site location that is currently selected on the right side



(The view of transfering files in filezilla)



You can now open this file with a text editor. This  textfile/job run is what is sent to instructor/TA if you need help, or need to submit an assignment in blackboard.